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I am Mistress Peryn Rose Whytehorse.

I started in the SCA in 1997 with a late 14th C English personna, for no more reason than I could sew cotehardies. I then discovered the world of costuming and have been jumping centuries and countries ever since.

I am  a “gazza” (italain for “magpie”) with a serious case of “Ooo! Shiney!”.  I have a life goal of being a Donna Universal  as is reflected in my motto

Ex Curiositate Eruditio
(From curiosity comes knowledge)


Per pale sable and azure, a unicorn rampant maintaining a rose slipped and leaved argent, a bordure argent semy of roses azure.wledge)

















peryn2014peryn-cwMy current sewing projects revolve around 15th and 16th C Florence. I am very interested in late 15th C Florentine dress for men and women, and mid 16th C Florentine dress for women. For events where I have horses and/or dogs you will usually see me in men’s clothes. I study period horsemanship and apply what I learn to the riding and training of my horses. I am a reasonably good equestrian and dancer and am knowledgeable in the art of the hunt, as well as the tournament.

My stables hold two horses: a mature pinto mare with whom I have done much (jousting, mounted combat, archery, royal processions); and a Spanish gelding of much promise. Two Italian Greyhounds grace my hearth and lure course at several events each year.









I am a member of the Barony of the South Downs, in the Kingdom of Meridies and have held a number of positions at local and kingdom levels. I am currently focused on research, construction/training, and teaching, and spend quite a bit of time at the barn.

Here’s some of my projects and activities.



Posted August 15, 2011 by studioloperyn

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