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Current Hot Topics in my research

  • Late 16th C equestrian carousels – leading the carousel presentation at 50th year (June 2016) – including period riding & training techniques
  • 15th C Italian clothes for men and women – fabric & construction
  • Period dog body types & uses (hunting, guarding, companionship, etc.)


  • 15th and 16th C Italian clothing & accessories for men and womenc. 1560 - Museo di Palazzo Reale, Piza
    • Mid 16th C women’s dress
    • Late 15th C women’s dress
  • Tudor and Elizabethan clothing & accessories for men and women
  • German Renaissance clothing & accessories for women (Cranach paintings)
  • Metal couching & silk embroidery and trim/cording
  • 16th C Ottoman men’s riding clothes (for horseback archery)


  • Period riding and training (Pluvinel, Duarte, Grisone, etc.)
  • Ballets (late period multi-horse patterns with music)
  • 15th & 16th century western european barding (cloth and metal armor)
  • 15th & 16th century western european saddles & tack
  • Horse husbandry (care and breeding)
  • Development of european equestrian tournaments and entertainments (with a focus on Tudor and Elizabethan eras) including games, social structure, roles of the participants and audience, and their socio-political context (ie- Elizabeth’s “cult of the virgin”)
  • Middle eastern horseback archery (techniques and equipment)


  • Roles and body types of canines in period, including hunting and companions
  • Dog husbandry
  • Collars and their use for different types of dogslate 15th C beaker in Bristish Museum


  • Enameled glass and metal of europe and asia, especially painted glass cups and plates


  • 15th and 16th C Italian Balli, including translation and interpretation of period texts, and performances. Socio-political context of the dances, study of manuals.
  • Teaching a wide range of dances from period, including English Country, Inns of Court, Italian, and Arbeau


  • Husbandry and equipment for captive companion birds (canaries, parrots, etc.)
  • Species of companion birds

Calligraphy & Illumination

  • 16th century English and Italian calligraphy
  • 16th century illuminations
  • 16th century Festival Books


  • Elizabethan Roaring Girls

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