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·  Order of the Laurel, 2016
·  King’s Lancer, 2015
·  Order of the Velvet Owl, 2013
·  King’s Lancer, 2012
·  King’s Lancer, 2006
·  Grant of Arms, 2006
·  Argent Lance, 2005
·  Red Raven, South Downs, 2002
·  Argent Slipper, 2002
·  Meridian Cross, 2001
·  Award of Arms, 2000


· Heart of South Downs, 2006
· Primus Equite, Gulf Wars Emprise, 2006
· South Downs Tower Awards
— Argent Tower, Arts & Sciences, Sept 2012
— Or Tower, Service, Feb 2012
— Argent Tower, Arts & Sciences, 2005
— Gules Tower, Marshallate, 2003
— Azure Tower, Arts & Sciences, 2001

Offices Held

  • Arts & Sciences Officer & Provost – Barony of the South Downs (2007-2009)
    • Quarterly prize drawings for those who reported A&S activities
    • MidWinter A&S Faire 2008 & 2009
  • Houndmistress of Meridian Coursing Guild (2007-2009)
  • Deputy Kingdom Houndmistress of Meridian Coursing Guild (2006 – 2007)
  • Proctor, Saltare Dance Guild of Meridies (2004-2006)
  • Dean, RUM Equestrian College (2003-2006)
  • Meridian Equestrian A&S Officer (office now retired) (2003-2006)
  • South Downs A&S Deputy (2003-2007)
  • South Downs Dance Mistress (2000 to 2006)
    • Weekly dance practices since 2001
    • Lead revels for South Downs events


  • 50th Year Carousel performance (2016) adapted from Pluvinel’s carousel. 20 riders, 10 live musicians, from many kingdoms across the Knowne Worlde.
  • Hunt Brunch for Known World coursing of the Queen’s hounds at Gulf Wars (2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Hunt Brunch and procession coordinator for Meridian Hound Guild coursings
    • Dramatic increase in interest and attendance (30+ attendees), with support and attendance of HRM, HRH and landed Baron/Baronesses.
  • Active in numerous Royal Processions and Gulf Wars Opening Ceremonies – providing and leading horses.
  • Opening Ceremonies Procession at Gulf Wars – Equestrian Marshal in Charge (2006)
    • First time, and still one of the few times, the mounted royals were ready *early*. Established practices that continue to be used.
  • Organized an Elizabethan Equestrian Tournament at Gulf Wars (2006) for the Emprise. “The Return of Spring
  • Founding member of the Equestrian Tournament Company of Saint Martin of Tours that hosted the Gulf Wars Emprise (2006).

A&S Competitions

A&S Open

• Women’s black gamurra
• Men’s 15th C camicia
• Men’s 15th C gonnellino

Woman’s late 15th C camicia

• Kingdom Arts & Sciences 2012 (19 out of 20)
• Magna Faire, December 2011 (18 out of 20)
• MidWinter A&S, January 2012 (19 out of 20)
• Gulf Wars Open, March 2012

Dog collar display
• Kingdom A&S, June 2008

Sixteenth Century Italian Illumination
• Festival of the  Laurels – Shire of Sol Haven, November, 2006. KA&S rules score: 18/20, winner of novice category
• Kingdom A&S, June 2007

Verceppe – 15th C Italina Balli for five people
(with Lord Rhyderch of Caerleon, Lord Pyotr, Lord Andrew of Theodford, and Lady Andreva)
• MidWinter A&S – Barony of theSouth Downs– KA&S Rules, Feb ruary 2006. Score: 21.5/25
• Kingdom A&S , June 2006

Lauro – 15th C Italian Balli for one couple (with Lord Rhydderch)
• Magna Faire – Barony ofIronMountain– KA&S Rules & Magna Faire Rules, December 2003
• MidWinter A&S – Barony of theSouth Downs– KA&S Rules, February 2004

Dances (Anello, Lo Spagnoletto, Wherligig)
(with Lady Andreva, Lord Andrew, Lord Rhydderch, Lady Rachael)
• MidWinter A&S – Barony of theSouth Downs, February 2005, non-judging format

Equestrian Barding Display and documentation
• MidWinter A&S – Barony of theSouth Downs, February 2005, non-judging format

Tilting ring stands based on illustrations in Antoine de Pluvinel’s Le Maneige Royal (with Lord Rhydderch)
• Magna Faire – Barony ofIronMountain–Magna Faire Rules , December 2003

Cantigas de Santa Maria – eight 3’x4’ fabric panels with painted scenes from the Alfonso X text.
(with Lord Rhydderch, Lady Emma, Lord Andrew, Lady Serena, Lord Roget), involved in sewing, painting, and writing the documentation.
• Mid-Winter A&S – Barony of theSouth Downs– KA&S Rules, January 2000
• Kingdom A&S – Barony ofIronMountain– KA&S Rules, May 2000. Score: 4/5

A&S Performances

Feast of three dances
(with Lord Rhydderch, Lady Andreva, Lord Vyncent, Lady Kirianna, Lord Luke)
Jenny Pluck Pears, Aniseed Water Robin, Oranges & Lemons.
Between courses entertainment for Signora Serena’s feast.
Kingdom A&S – May 2002

D’Hammerschmiedsgselln (Journeyman Blacksmith dance)
(Lord Rhydderch, Lady Rachael, Lord Andrew)
Performed for TRM Max & Lethrenn at Donna Serena’s Mid-Winter A&S feast February 2005.

Ballets for 2 and more horses
(with Lady Svana, Lady Marie, and Lord Logan)
Performed for TRM Max & Lethrenn at Arts of War April 2005.

Classes Taught


  • 15th C Italian for Men & Women
  • 15th C Italian corded bodice
  • Cotehardies for women & men


  • Medieval/Renaissance Dog Types and their Accoutrements
  • Roman dogs and dog collars


  • Period Riding I – Training the horse
  • Period Riding II – Using weapons
  • Introduction to ballet movements
  • Introduction to Period Horse Breeds
  • Introduction to SCA Equestrian Games
  • Heraldry for the Equestrian
  • Role of the Horse in the Middle Ages
  • Period Horse Breeds


  • 15th & 16th C Italian balli
  • Arbeau
  • Playford (English Country)


  • Developing and Researching a Project for Arts & Sciences
  • Documentation for Arts & Sciences
  • Introduction to Judging Arts & Sciences

Arts Activities

• Owner/moderator: Loggia Vecchio (FaceBook group) – 15th C Italian clothes/art/culture
• Owner/moderator: Meridian Hound Guild (Facebook group)

A&S Competitions & Events

  • Organized and ran MidWinter A&S competitions 2008 & 2009
  • Helped to run several MidWinter A&S competitions as deputy A&S Officer
  • Saltare Dance Guild event 2005 & 2006 (as Proctor: reviewing bids, organizing classes)
  • Judging dance and several static arts categories since February 2001
  • Organizaed and ran Equestrian A&S Faire (populace judged) – (Gulf Wars 2004, 2005, 2006)


  • Extensive research of late 15th C Italian dress for men and women
  • Extensive research of mid to late 16th C Italian dress for women
  • Research and construction of late 14th C cotehardies


  • Dance Mistress for Kingdom Red Rose and White Rose Balls
  • Dance Mistress for numerous South Downs meetings and events (classes, revel)
  • Research of 15th C Italian balli and 16th/17th C English Country dance

Enameled Glass

  • Three painted glass cups – prizes for Tournament of Chivalric Love, Border Raids 2005
  • Three painted glass cups – prizes for Elizabethan Tournament (Emprise), Gulf Wars 2006
  • Painted glass beaker, in the style of a 15th c glass beaker in the British Museum, prize for MWA&S 2009


  • Extensive research on period barding, horse armor, saddles and bridles
  • Research, recreation, and teaching of period riding based on extant riding manuals
  • Research on mid to late period tournaments
  • Research and recreation of late period equestrian ballets


  • Lure Master (certified 2006), have trained several luremasters and set/run numerous coursings
  • Numerous coursing demonstrations at events
  • Extensive research of dog types and their uses in period
  • Extensive research of dog collars and armor in period


  • Master Scroll – South Downs Red Tower Tourney Champion
  • Master Scroll – South Downs Archery Tourney Champion


Marshallate Activities

Equestrian Steward & Marshal in Charge

  • Castle Wars I, II, & III (2003, 2004, 2005)
  • Border Raids (2005)

Equestrian Marshal in Charge

  • Gulf Wars (2006)

 Equestrian Marshal

  • Monthly practices and events (2003 – 2006)
  • Barony of South Downs Equestrian Marshal (2003 – 2007)
  • Supervised Marshals in Training

Member of the SCA since 1997


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